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Let The Dollar Circulate: Quarantine Money and How To Get It

By: Peter Dowdy


Okay ya'll. You're probably like I was. Sitting at home, working on something productive to help your life in the long run, but you won't share that because you feel no one really cares about your progression until they see you succeed about something THEY actually care about.

Well I say to you, its time out for that!

Life isn't about others so much as people make it no more than they are about you. Sometimes we exclude ourselves and our emotions, creating an us. Instead we share funny posts to relate to our issues because what we know best is to laugh at our pain. But deep down inside, we gotta get some things in order.

Within the past month, we've all probably said this line to ourselves...


In fact, it probably is. Money is in a point of transition period. Just like the crash leading into the 1950 roll out of the credit card, 2020 is rolling out something new, but you'll still need money to convert it at a later time.

That's all to be explained later. But what you need to know is how to maximize on the now!

How do I still make money in this time period??

Businesses are shutting down. Traveling is limited. Getting a job seems to be quite the task. What can I do?

"You can give a plant necessities to grow, but you can't grow for it. Free will." - Peter Dowdy

The currency at the moment is completely your network. Bartering never died, it just got shadowed by the idea of a dollar. If you can sing, create something around it. If you can act, create something around it. If you like to eat, create something around it.

So here's a list of ideas to maximize your network:


-Look for places that are, as they say now "essential". Put your pride aside and go put that application in those places like gas stations, restaurants, or hell go big! Hospitals are still open...yes I know that's where sick people go. But would you rather sit at home with your nursing degree with no funds or chance it on a couple of on call shifts with a couple thousand in your palm? Exactly!

-People need their mail. They need their packages. Guess who needs help. USPS and Amazon! Don't be shy on applying to these places.

-People can't eat at restaurants right now. But that doesn't mean people aren't eating out. Hell I'm ordering Uber Eats tonight! I could be paying you to pick it up. Download the app and sign up to deliver to make an extra coin.

-Pay attention to those work from home opportunities. If they haven't already blew up your spam folder, find them on Indeed or ZipRecruiter. Lots of these work from home jobs are legit like Apple, AT&T, and more!


-In a crisis that is affecting more of the elderly, people are interestingly focused a lot on the youth. With that being said, playgrounds, jungle gyms, play areas in the mall...all those would need to be cleaned. Create a cleaning business, get bids on contracts to clean those locations. You could be set for the rest of the year honestly.

-Write a book about something you know about. Sell it. I've learned that if you have an interesting story enough, people will pay to read about it.

-Where you have a lot of essential jobs, you have teens with a lot of these jobs. Their are still getting paid and most likely have the least to pay in bills. This is a good sign to market towards them, especially high school seniors. Create something that gears toward them and market, market, market! You may be surprised at what extra income may come from it.

-Find a problem you can solve! You may even be more motivated to do so if you start with a problem you have specifically. This problem you solve can be hella lucrative. Just get started on your thought process.

-Do what you're passionate about. Post about it along with a fundraiser to help you achieve your goals. It's over a billion people in this world. What if you need only a $1000 to accomplish what you needed. That's 1000 people that believe in you and/or your idea. Post and let them find you. Trust me they're looking.

-Get a couple of steps ahead. Reach out to those celebrities. Make those connections. We all at home with nothing more to do but work and have fun. We're all easily accessible if we're all online. Shit, Slim Thug even caught the Rona so you know he at home not going nowhere. Reach out to him! Set yourself apart and be seen. It'll happen when you make it happen.

-Find out what they sponsor and get connected through the owner

-Research their projects and who played a role and connect with them

-Be respectful and courteous. You only get one first impression.

If you've somehow tried everything on this list and you're not successful at making ANY money, keep trying. Keep thinking of problems to solve. Someone somewhere is willing to pay for a service of some kind during any time. Thing is, how will you position yourself to get that payment?

Thanks for reading!

-Dope Art Dealers